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Interested in being a sponsor of the
2022 Oneida County Fair?

Thomas Barnett
Phone: (815) 382-6514

The Oneida County Fair is looking to the future and planning to develop a bigger, better fair that benefits the whole Oneida County. The Fair committee is dedicated to making our Northwoods a more enjoyable and prideful location for this fair. There are very big plans in the works and we want you to be a part of them.

The Oneida County Fair is not just a one-town fair- it includes every single town that resides in Oneida County. Let's break the stigma of this being a one-town fair and show a commitment to each other as fellow Northwoods residents, neighbors, and business owners- most importantly, as a stronger Oneida County community without borders. You can break this stigma by your participation. We need and welcome the ownership of YOUR fair!

We are inviting all beautiful business owners and residents of Oneida County to participate. Please consider one of the ways to support and sponsor the Fair. Together we can make a brighter future and more entertaining fair by becoming a sponsor, a volunteer, or even joining as a board member

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