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2019 Oneida County Fair Committee 



Fred Andrist joined the Oneida County Fair committee in 2016.  He currently resides as President of the committee.  Andrist’s primary motivation for joining the fair committee was to help Oneida County  provide a place for county citizens to gather and to showcase what is special about Oneida County.

As president of the Oneida County Fair committee, Andrist is responsible for coordinating different facets of the fair and to bring them together to work smoothly.  He communicates with committee members who are responsible for various fair projects, giving them guidance.  Andrists favorite part of being on the Oneida County Fair committee is seeing people enjoying themselves at the fair.  

Vice President

Josh Skubal joined the fair committee in late 2018 and has since become the Vice-President. With his fresh ideas and eagerness to see the fair succeed and grow is a refreshing addition to the group. Josh loves the celebration of community within the county being displayed at the fair and the smiles on faces of the families as they enjoy our fair. Josh is working hard with the committee to plan for the future of the fair and planning ways to help it grow.  


Theresa Seabloom became a member of the Oneida County Fair committee in 2009, booking music entertainment. At the time, she was the member of a local band. In 2013 she expanded her duties as secretary.  Today, in addition to her secretarial role, she continues to be on the entertainment committee searching for and booking  entertainment for the fair.

Seablooms favorite part of being a committee member is working alongside dedicated people who work toward a common goal, which is to see the fair succeed in Oneida County.  She says “It is gratifying to see the yearlong planning come together.  I love to see the community and the county come together, where the whole family can attend the fair and create lasting memories.”



Tom Barnett was hired in January of 2018 as the new Oneida County Fair Coordinator.  “I saw potential in the fair and wanted to keep it going” says Barnett.  He envisioned the fair to get bigger and better every year and since his appointment as fair coordinator, he has been sharing his ideas with the fair committee and community.  Barnett previously participated in the fair as a vendor.

As fair coordinator, Barnett is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the fair.  In addition, he promotes the fair in the community and secures sponsorships. 

Barnetts favorite part of being the fair coordinator is seeing how excited people get when they hear about the new activities at the fair.  He also likes working with the fair committee members.


Bill Freudenberg has been treasurer for the Oneida County Fair for the past 3 years.  In the beginning, he  attended fair meetings for six months as a citizen, then later the fair coordinator asked Bill to fill the position of treasurer.

Freudenbergs responsibilities as treasurer includes working with the budget, paying invoices and oversees the financial wellbeing of the fair.

Freudenberg says “I like to participate with a group of people that are putting on an event which is set up for families.  It gives me pleasure in seeing the fair committee bringing our community together.   

Committee Members

Jim Winkler

Meg Sprecksel

Jean Platek

Kelsey Mueller

Cheryl Salzman

Tim White

Jim Perlberg

Amanda Wendt

The Fair Committee meets every first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm in the UW-Extension meeting room downstairs of the Rhinelander Airport. The public is more than welcome to attend. 


The Oneida County Fair is one huge undertaking and the hope and plan is to see it continue each year. There is no end to the planning, time and work involved. A strong Fair Committee with enough members is needed to help plan and carry out the needs to continue to make this happen.

We invite anyone interested to find out more about being on the Fair Committee to please call Thomas Barnett, 1-815-382-6514, or the UW-Extension office, 715-365-2750. They would be more than happy to discuss all aspects of being involved with the Oneida County Fair.