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2023 Oneida County Fair Board


Meg joined the committee in 2019 and quickly became the treasurer in 2020. She was elected President in 2021. "When my family first moved to Rhinelander from the Milwaukee area in 2011, we were looking for a safe place to raise our family. Within our first few weeks in our new home, we attended the Oneida County Fair at Pioneer Park. It was in that moment we fell in love with the community and small town feel of the Fair. Soon after, I began volunteering and eventually joined the Fair Board. As President, I have found a true passion in keeping the Fair alive and enjoyable for all that attend."

Meg Sprecksel

Kerry Bloedorn

Kerry became a member in 2019 and was elected Vice President in 2021. "I am the Director at Rhinelander's beloved Pioneer Park Historical Complex and am active in the Rhinelander community. I have resided in Oneida County for 13 years and have a young family including my Oneida County born and raised wife Cecilia and our son Cedric. We are proud to call the Northwoods home. I saw a need for more people to be actively involved in the Oneida County Fair, if it is to sustain itself into the future. My goal is to work with the committee to connect the communities of Oneida County and honor it’s history by providing a fun, classic, family oriented fair for all to enjoy for years to come."

Kerry Bloedorn
Vice President

Erica Sauer.jpg

Erica joined the board in 2021 and was nominated for Secretary in 2022. Erica's non-profit experience and passion for the Fair has been pivotal for the Fair Board.

Erica Sauer

Susanne joined the committee in 2020 and was then selected for Treasurer in 2021. "The County Fair has historically served as a way to unite communities. I hope to continue that tradition with the Oneida County Fair, helping it grow to its full potential and continuing to unite our community."

Susanne Tjugum


Tom was hired in January of 2018 as the new Oneida County Fair Coordinator. In 2022, with the acquisition of our non-profit status, Tom took on a new role as Executive Director. “I saw potential in the fair and wanted to keep it going” says Barnett.  He envisioned the fair to get bigger and better every year and since his appointment as fair coordinator, he has been sharing his ideas with the fair committee and community.  Barnett previously participated in the fair as a vendor.

As fair coordinator, Barnett is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the fair.  In addition, he promotes the fair in the community and secures sponsorships. Barnett's favorite part of the Fair is seeing how excited people get when they hear about the new activities at the fair.  He also likes working with the fair committee members.

Tom Barnett
Executive Director
(Fair Coordinator)

Stevie joined the committee in 2020 and was selected for Secretary in 2021. "I joined the Oneida County Fair committee because I have 3 children who look forward to the fair every year. I can’t imagine a summer without this exciting event for them, and honestly, for me as well!  I had a booth at the fair and being there all day for the entire fair gave me the opportunity to look around and see what people were enjoying and what needed attention or change. I plan on helping make this fair an amazing event for all ages and creating more attractions for all different interests."

Stevie Henk
Executive Assistant


Susan McIntyre

The Fair Board typically meets every first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm in the Oneida County Fair office. Our office is located in the Curran building at 315 S. Oneida Ave #202, Rhinelander. The public is more than welcome to attend. 


The Oneida County Fair is one huge undertaking and the hope and plan is to see it continue each year. There is no end to the planning, time and work involved. A strong Fair Board is needed to help plan and carry out the needs to continue to make this happen.

We invite anyone interested to find out more about being on the Fair Board to please call Thomas Barnett, Fair Coordinator, at 1(815)382-6514. We would be more than happy to discuss all aspects of being involved with the Oneida County Fair.

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